WaterDropCurtain - the poesis of water and light...by

The "WaterDropCurtain" made its debut in March 2010 at The Architectural Digest Home Design Show in NYC. This is a first in a series of art and architectural "poetic product" introductions for the Interiors environment by partner Andreas Roessner (Munich, Germany).   Serving the A&D community.

 Fascinating light impressions, the gloss and sparkle of water, and the freeform constellations in any space are the outstanding qualities creating an absolute unique atmosphere.

WaterDropCurtain Interactive DVI Video Interface

Create an atmosphere with a curtain made of water and RGB LED illumination controlled by the new DVI video interface.  Connect the WaterDropCurtain to the DVI graphic card of your computer and display any digital content.  Display video or animations, add color, effects, depth to your interior space. Use sensors to let the spectator or guest to interact with your content on the screen.  Enjoy the poetic qualities of water and light.


Gelateria La Luna - Dortmund, Germany 2012

FineFOOD - Amsterdam Schiphol Airport 2012
Copenhagen Airport 2013

Munich Fashion Start - 2011


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Salon - Las Vegas

Hogatec- Dusseldorf


Video #2

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